A simple decision
when the budget
is tight.

The 106/216 product range is a functional and 
accessible range, which is suitable when you 
are looking for something basic with an optimal ratio of price, uniformity and light output. 

It’s an affordable alternative to the classic light box. It can be installed in a few minutes and is available in many shapes and mounting options.


Back to basics!

This luminaire is a basic light box, offering
a good ratio of price, uniformity and light output. It also gives you a possibility to choose different sizes and installations.
Perfect fit for
general illumination
As it offers even illumination of the
space and creates a pleasant environment.
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°

Functional with easy installation

Choose between two optic types and install your luminaire in a few minutes.
Prismatic diffuser (PR)
For controlled luminance.
Opal diffuser (OP)
For general illumination.
Suspension mounting set
For suspended installation order the
suspension mounting set. See
accesories for code number.
See tech specs
See tech specs
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